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"Seeing people taking control of their health gives me so much pleasure and being part of YOUR health journey is an honour. I can't wait to see how you will inspire others to do the same" - Angie White, Genie Nutrition,

How much would it mean to you to be in control of your health, and free of symptoms? Say YES! to Health Success and I will support you all the way!

What is FDN?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is a type of detective work that seeks to identify the underlying causes of disease instead of treating symptoms. Using functional lab work, we identify healing opportunities and engage each client in a health building process using the potent, proven, professional protocols in our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success program. This includes Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplements and Stress Reduction. This natural, holistic approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes. We don’t medicate, we educate! I consider myself very lucky to be part of a family of over 2000 amazing Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioners across the globe. Using this proven approach to restoring functional health, we’ll work together to identify HIDDEN stressors and Kick-Start your journey to better health. It’s time for you to say “YES! YES! YES! To HEALTH Success!

How does it work?

It’s all about You - In order for us to start working together, I need to get some history and understand where you currently are, what your main complaints are and from there we can start to personalise your program so that you can start making changes right away. The intake forms that you will need to complete are quite lengthy but they are key to understanding which systems are likely to be out of balance and to what extent.

Cutting Edge Testing – In most cases, I will recommend 2 Functional Lab tests which will give us a great insight into Hormone status, Gut Health & Inflammation. In some cases, additional testing will be required but this will usually come further into our journey together.

Customised Protocol – Once we have your hormone and GI screening results, I will interpret, summarise and take you through what the results are showing us, as well as my recommendations for the next steps.

Support – The level of support that you need will vary throughout our time together and also depending on the type of issues you are encountering. As your practitioner, I will be here to support you throughout. In addition to the 90 minute consultations at the start of your program, we will schedule regular sessions to review your main health complaints, any changes (good or bad!) and discuss how you are getting with your personalised protocol. And if you need any support in between those sessions, I am only an email away!

Pricing & Packages – Because everyone needs a different level of support, I offer both one off follow up sessions, bundles of consultation time, as well as an all encompassing

FDN package

. My recommendation is that before purchasing any bundles, that you have a

FREE 20 minute consultation

with me to make sure we are a good match and book your 90 minute intake session where the magic really starts. If you decide to then purchase the FDN package, you can offset the cost of the Intake session against the package so there is no missing out on savings!

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