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Pricing, Bundles & Packages

Pricing, Bundles & Packages

Whether you are looking for a one off session to get you moving in the right direction again and to give you your mojo back, or whether you are suffering from health issues and are looking for a more long term relationship with your nutrition practitioner, my pricing structure will allow you to make the right choice for you both financially and for your health.

Althought I see the best results with the people I work with for 6-12 months, I also know that it takes time to build a relationship with someone you don't yet know. So for that reason I offer the option of paying by session, as well as reduced pricing for session bundles and the flexibility to use your bundle minutes in smaller chunks so that you can keep the accountability there when you need it the most!

And for those who just want to be accountable from the start and want to make a saving while they are at it, I offer complete packages which can be paid for either up front or monthly.

An individual 60 minute consultation is £60 with a discount of up to 30% when purchasing a bundle of minutes or an FDN package.

Additional fees will be payable for test interpretation, home visits and reports, however these are very reasonably priced and we will discuss your budget, and what I would recommend as the best next steps, at the end of your FREE consultation..

So there really is no reason for you to delay! Get in contact with me and let's get you booked in for your FREE 20 minute chat and we can take it from there!