what my clients say

“I met with Angie to discuss my current and future health goals. We had a very frank and open discussion about what I’m doing for my health and how that is affecting me.

Angie was able to provide insight that I have not heard from other health professionals especially down to the detail that I was not aware of, until now.​ Angie is a great listener and is super at explaining things in a way that is really easy to understand. I understand it, I’ve committed to it, I’ve had to make some changes and now I’m seeing the benefits.​

My lifestyle and diet is far happier than ever it was and I’m far fitter and healthier as a result. My home life is happier, the kids are happier and I get some lovely compliments, from friends and strangers alike!​

Now I make it my priority to maintain communication with Angie at regular intervals to keep my health goals in check.”

Nikki Smith

“I’ve had a year long period where foreign trips with bad food and long courses of antibiotics left me in a very bad position medically. I was facing the prospect of losing my job as the side effects were so bad I could no longer fulfill my duties. The NHS had taken me as far along as they could, but to no avail. I was no closer to a diagnosis or a cure!

I was put in contact with Angie from Genie Nutrition which was a total revelation. During my initial consultation it was obvious Angie was extremely knowledgeable, which put me at ease as I felt there was light at the end of the tunnel! My diagnosis tests were returned quickly and they showed that I was suffering with multiple food sensitivities and SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth). From here Angie devised a comprehensive treatment plan including diet, natural herbal protocols and on-going lifestyle changes.​

Almost instantaneously I began to notice the changes. The old symptoms that once plagued me began to disappear, and my health began to improve. Fast forward to now, I am now clear of SIBO and all other issues, and I have a clear plan set in place to make sure I stay free, clear and healthy. I cannot recommend Angie enough, her endless help has allowed me to return to work and live a normal life.

I have no doubt in my mind that without Angie’s help I would have lost my career and my health would have deteriorated into a serious state. Whether you are looking for treatment for a serious issue, allergy testing, improving your health or even weight loss I would strongly recommend Angie.”

Freddie Baker

“From having pneumonia back in March, which required over 4 weeks of strong anti-biotics, I was left with a long recovery struggling with my energy levels and generally feeling desperately unwell​.

Angie was recommended to me by a friend who said she could help with my recovery and during our initial consultation she was obviously extremely knowledgeable. She was also very passionate, not just about nutrition and health but also more generally about helping me.

She gave me advise based around my diet and lifestyle choices and explained the reasons and science behind this advice in a very easy to comprehend manner.​

By taking Angie’s advice, in a relatively short space of time I have begun to feel much better and even healthier than I was before being ill. I cannot recommend her enough, and advise you contact her if you are looking for help with recovery, wanting to lose weight or just generally live a healthier life.”

Chris Weatherhead

I visited Angie for a Kickstart session and I found it to be very informative.​I worried that I’d be overloaded with scientific jargon and apprehensive about what I really needed from the session but Angie was warm and explained the benefits of FDN clearly and at a comfortable pace and also wrote it all down so I could take it away to read.

I left Angie feeling motivated and inspired to make changes to my lifestyle, as the nutritional plan I had been given involved making small steady steps that I could certainly achieve. I feel excited about the journey I’m about to embark on but also know that Angie will be more than happy to assist should I need guidance.

Sarah Clayton

“Finding Angie changed my daughters life. My 19 year old daughter had experienced severe constipation, pain and lethargy for too long. These symptoms were having a profound effect on her everyday life. She was unable to lead a normal young persons life, university was also proving difficult to manage. Having exhausted all NHS avenues, from tests and feeling like we were not being listened too, we were signposted to Angie.​

Angie was great from the very first contact. She gave us hope. Angie is a very supportive professional, listened to our problems, and offered a individualised service, not just for my daughter but also for her very worried parents. Working with a university student can not be easy! However Angie was understanding and patient.

Angie provided a comprehensive plan that not only dealt with my daughter’s constipation, but her all round well being.​

My daughter is now living a normal life, she is pain free and I now have my daughter back. I will be forever thankful to Angie. Without Angie my daughter would still be in constant pain.

She is currently living her dream volunteering in Africa, I know for sure that this would never have been possible had we never of been so lucky as to find and work with Angie.”

Gill hill

“I attended a Kickstart session with Angie and I was not disappointed.​The session was both professional, friendly and informative.

Angie’s naturally warm, friendly personality will make anyone feel relaxed and confident to speak openly.​ As a Nutritionist myself, it was fantastic to learn more about Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Angie’s extensive knowledge saw me come away from this amazing session with not only a clear, achievable, nutritional plan of action going forward, tailored to me as an individual but also further knowledge on available tools that can help Angie’s customers on their way to a greater state of well being.

Thank you Angie.”

Amy Walker

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